Where does your project fit?


Submit to the URE Collection

  • Focuses on URE
  • Empirical in nature
  • Open Access / Publicly available.
  • Vetted by the research community:
    • Published
    • Peer reviewed / in press
    • Submitted

Note: If your work is published under a closed copyright, you can still create an open access abstract (see here), post supplemental material, and link to the closed paper.


Create an OSF Project for Now

Your project may be a great candidate for future submission to the URE Collection, but it’s not ready just yet. We encourage you to create an OSF Project and start working there if it:

  • Focuses on URE
  • Is research in progress: OSF can be especially useful during the data collection and analysis phases. 
  • You want to share your emergent work publicly.
  • You want a convenient home base to point colleagues toward.
  • You want a public place for pre-submission review.

Other Options are Probably Better

  • Not focused on URE
  • Purely theoretical in nature
  • Sharing data/scripts/code only
  • Pilot studies
  • Commentary on other work