Building and Adding Your Protocol: A Guide

This guide is designed to help you create, develop, publish, and add a protocol to the URE Repository. You can click “Introduction to the Repository” to begin and go through the guide linearly, or click any button or link in any order to access the information you need as you need it.

Start Here:

Introduction to the Repository on OSF

Learn the basics of how protocols in the URE Repository are structured and organized.
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Protocol Templates: Building Your OSF Project

Start with pre-built templates and customize for your work as needed. Optimized to be used with our Importer.
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Pre-built Templates

Optional: Copy or download a template and edit it in Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or LibreOffice. Import when you are ready.

Options to get your project into OSF

Ready to create your project? These are your options!

Importer Plugin (Recommended)

Learn how to import your protocol directly into your OSF project via Google Docs and Microsoft Word (.docx). Use our templates for the best result.
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Using Existing Protocols

Does this work extend off research already in OSF or is it similar to one you found there? Learn how to link, copy, and build off of protocols already in the Repository.
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Add Your Protocol Manually

Learn how to build and add your own protocol to the Repository. NOTE: This may be time-consuming if you are unfamiliar with OSF or Markdown.

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Licenses and Copyrights

Learn about options to license your work on OSF. Many OSF projects use one of several Creative Commons Licenses, but you can choose any license that meets your specific needs and preferences.
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Learn about Licensing