Video Tutorials



The Basics


Getting Started With OSF

In this tutorial you’ll learn the basics of navigating the Open Science Framework.


OSF Projects

Learn what OSF projects are and how to create them.


The OSF Dashboard

Learn how to manage projects in your Dashboard.



Developing Your Protocol


Using OSF Components

Here you’ll learn what Components are and how to use them in your project.


Adapting Another User’s Method: Forking

If you’re basing your method on an existing protocol, you can copy – or “fork” – it to make your own project and tweak from there. Learn how. 


Linking OSF Projects

Learn how and when to link OSF projects.


Adding Files to Your OSF Project

Does your protocol reference external documents that may be useful for others using your method? Learn how to attach files to your project to make them easy for users to find.


Making a Project Public

Done with your project? Watch this video to learn how to make it publicly accessible.