Building and Adding Your Protocol: A Guide

This guide is designed to help you create, develop, publish, and add a protocol to the URE Repository. You can click “Introduction to the Repository” to begin and go through the guide linearly, or click any button or link in any order to access the information you need as you need it.

Introduction to the Repository on OSF

Learn the basics of how protocols in the URE Repository are structured and organized.
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This is an overview of the general structure of the URE Repository on the Open Science Framework. Protocols, posted as OSF projects, are comprised of Wikis, components, and files. 

Protocol Templates: Building Your OSF Project

The URE Repository team has designed templates for common methods used in URE Research. These templates provide structure to help guide authors in the development of their protocols. Learn more here.
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Our team has created a series of method-specific templates with included prompts to help you build your protocol. These templates are optimized to use with our newly developed importer plugin.

Add Your Protocol Manually

Learn how to build your own protocol and add it to the Repository.
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Here you’ll find step-by-step instructions on creating an OSF project, and developing and adding your protocol manually. You can also use our importer, which will allow you to populate your OSF project directly from a MS Word file or Google Doc.

Use Our Importer Plugin (MS Word and Google Doc

Learn how to add your protocol to OSF project via our importer.
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Using Existing Protocols

Learn how to use, modify, and build off of protocols already entered into the Repository.
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One of the main goals of the URE Repository is to support the use of previously developed research methods in new URE work. To this end, we encourage users of the Repository to take advantage of OSF’s “forking” and linking features, and have created guidance to help you get started.

Licenses and Copyrights

Learn about the various options you have to license your protocol, from not allowing others to use your work in any way to not having any restrictions on use whatsoever - and everything in between.
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While many researchers in our collection opt for Creative Commons attribution, you can choose any license that meets your specific needs and preferences. Learn more about licensing your protocol in this guide.

Best Practices and Recommendations

Click here to learn about our recommendations for the best ways to organize, structure, and share you work in the URE Repository.
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From creating a description to selecting relevant tags for your work, and everything in between, click here to learn more about creating the meta-data for your project that will make it easier for other researchers to find on the Repository. [Link in progress]